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Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Jerrell R. Johnson

Since becoming an attorney, Jerrell R. Johnson has focused a significant part of his practice on representing individuals facing criminal charges in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and other Hampton Roads cities. He has extensive experience with adult and juvenile criminal defense, routinely tackling a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges and handling 100s of cases each year.

Attorney Jerrell R. Johnson of JRLaw PLC has a unique background of experiences that make him particularly effective as a criminal defense attorney.

Several past experiences make Attorney Johnson uniquely qualified to represent your interests:

His past experiences have been instrumental in providing Jerrell the skill and know-how to successfully navigate the criminal court system. His in-depth knowledge of the justice system has significantly contributed to his abilities to effectively represent his clients, and his success record proves it. He is passionate about going the extra mile to ensure that the rights of his clients’ are being protected and that his their interests are being promoted. Fighting for each clients’ future, Attorney Johnson provides the legal defense that you need and deserve.

Areas of criminal defense representation that we handle include:

In addition to criminal law, JRLaw PLC provides legal counsel for civil defense cases and personal injury claims.

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