Reckless Driving: Fast Cars and Furious Officers

Reckless Driving: Fast Cars and Furious Officers

What is Considered "Reckless Driving"?

You feel the wind rush past your face, and hear the power of the engine as you put your weight into the pedal. You see lights and sounds and imagine that it is just for your victory, and then you realize a cop is pulling you over for speeding. Unfortunately at the speeds you and your fast car were driving, it isn’t considered to be an average speeding ticket. Reckless driving charges can be filed against anyone that is going over the speed limit by 20mph, and can be considered a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge.

Driving fast can be the rush of a lifetime, especially for those who love cars, but the possibility of endangering the lives of others on the road is going to make an officer of the law quite furious. Not only can speeding lead to these charges, but also if you are caught trying to pass an ambulance or fire truck as they are en route, that is cause for reckless driving charges. In many cases of reckless driving, there is often the use of alcohol as well, likely accounting for the drivers fast speeds, though this is not always the case.

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These categories, depending on the event, may all be included in the reckless driving charges, or perhaps just one. Either way, if you are being accused of reckless driving and convicted, there is a likelihood that it will remain on your records for over a decade, with possible jail time, fines, and loss of license. It is vital to contact a Virginia Beach defense attorney who specializes in criminal defense charges relating to reckless driving so that you can receive the proper legal counsel that you deserve.

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