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End of School: A Dangerous Time for Students


The end of school and start of summer is one of the most dangerous times for high school students. Their minds are already on summer and college, their first jobs or upcoming military service. The atmosphere is contagious and horseplay and joking runs rampant — that’s dangerous because things can quickly get out of hand and escalate.

What many teens forget is there are consequences for actions. This is the time when a “harmless senior prank” can result in criminal charges, failure to graduate, revoking college scholarship awards or cancellation of military recruiting contracts.

If your teenager gets into trouble in the final days or school or the first weeks of summer, don’t hesitate — get them immediate legal assistance from an attorney experienced with the juvenile court system. If they are already 18, the consequences can be even more severe and they need a criminal defense attorney who regularly represents juveniles and young adults. Call JR Law right away and we will be happy to talk with you about the issue, and whether legal representation is needed, and why or why not. Call today, 757-455-9277, and ask for defense attorney Jerrell R. Johnson.

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