What to Expect from the Initial Consultation

When we meet for the initial consultation, you and I will discuss, in detail, the facts surrounding your case. I want to know your side of the story, and I want to know what you think the other side of the story is going to be. I’m going to explain to you how the law applies to your set of facts and how the process works. From my experience, clients come in hearing the worst case scenarios, either from something they’ve heard from a family member or friend or something they’ve read on the Internet. I will clear up any and all overstated consequences; I will give you my honest and realistic expectations in your case, based on my experience handling numerous cases just like yours. We will develop a strategy and a roadmap to getting you the very best results based on the facts of your case. I expect you to leave the initial consultation informed, confident, and with a lot less anxiety than when you arrived. I look forward to meeting you.