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Teenage Pranks Can Have Serious Consequences


From an Innocent Prank to Felony Charges

As a former Virginia Beach police officer, I have too often seen what can happen when seemingly innocent teenage pranks turn into felony arrests. We know the summer can be boring for teens who haven’t found jobs, aren’t in summer school, or don’t have activities to keep them busy.

Imagine you are the proud parent or grandparent of an honor-roll student who is out of school for the summer. A friend dares him to go into a vacant house in your neighborhood. Yes, it begins as an innocent teenage prank but ends with the young man being charged with felony burglary and destruction of property.

Without competent legal representation, these charges can lead to incarceration, hefty fines and a permanent mark on your child’s record. As a parent, an attorney, and a former police officer, I encourage you to talk with your teen this summer about the serious consequences that can come from seemingly harmless pranks.

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