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Tips for Fighting a Traffic Ticket


Why Fight a Traffic Ticket?

Traffic tickets can be very costly. Not only are there expensive fines for each type of traffic offense, car insurance premiums will usually go up whenever additional points have been added to an individual’s driving record. With that in mind, paying the fine listed on a traffic ticket without first discussing the matter with legal counsel is never advised.

While this may seem like the simplest option at the time, paying a traffic ticket is the same as entering a guilty plea in court. Admitting guilt could lead to other complications in the future should you ever be arrested for more serious vehicle-related charges. There are ways to successfully fight traffic tickets and challenge the accusations made against you.

Take Notes & Contact Legal Counsel

At a minimum, make notes about the circumstances of the violation, as soon as possible after you receive the ticket. And contact a law firm that specializes in criminal defense, including fighting traffic tickets, like JRLaw, PLC.

We are a criminal defense law firm based in Virginia Beach, VA. Our firm represents all types of criminal cases including those involving tickets issued for speeding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, DUI, hit and run, as well as other vehicle infractions and civil and criminal traffic violations.

We practice throughout Hampton Roads, so if you’ve received a ticket in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton or Newport News, we can help.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, hiring a criminal defense attorney from our firm will markedly improve your chances of being able to successfully fight your ticket and avoid serious penalties. Our founding attorney got his start in criminal law when he earned his law degree back in 2004, while concurrently serving as a Virginia Beach police officer. As a result of his experience, we have a unique understanding of both sides of the criminal justice system and we have been able to use this knowledge to help many clients fight the charges they face.

Do you need help fighting a traffic ticket? If so, contact a Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney at our firm and schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation.

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