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Do Scared Straight Juvenile Programs Work?


A recent article in The Register-Herald in West Virginia addresses Scared Straight programs and whether they are effective in helping prevent juvenile crime. The theory is that when juveniles are exposed to adult jails and see just how harsh prison life can be, they are less likely to be involved in criminal activity.

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The programs are sometimes criticized for achieving mixed results. The article makes a great point, in that the programs work best when they are applied to specific cases, rather than as a “catch-all” for all juvenile offenders. The reality of juvenile crime is it is often not based on a thoughtful decision where the juvenile is considering the consequences.

Not Often Premeditated

More likely teens get caught up in the moment and really aren’t thinking clearly at all. There is a reason parents are surprised at their child’s behavior and “didn’t see it coming.” Often the child didn’t see it coming either.

While Scared Straight programs may not be for every juvenile, experienced legal representation is a must for any child facing criminal charges, or even being investigated for a crime or suspected. If your child or a juvenile you care about is in trouble and the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk or State Police want to talk to your son or daughter, don’t wait.

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Here’s a link to the full article.

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