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Guns in Schools


Guns are fascinating to kids and regardless of your views on gun control and gun ownership, the reality is young boys and girls are curious about guns. For many teens, and even middle-schoolers, access to guns is easier than you may think, whether in your home, or someone else’s.

If there is a gun in the house, chances are the kids know where it is, and how to get to it. Gun safes and trigger locks help, but only if the children don’t know where the keys are, or the combination. This week there was another case of a child, a middle-schooler, bringing a gun to school. Thankfully, in this case it was unloaded and no one was hurt, but any time there is a gun in the school system, there are consequences and potentially criminal charges for the child or even the parents.

If your child is involved in a gun incident, even if the firearm is unloaded, don’t wait. Get help from an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney immediately. A family or business attorney may not know all the options available in the juvenile criminal justice system and schools, and time is the enemy of a proactive defense.

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