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Do I Really Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?


Even if you have not committed a crime, you must talk with a criminal defense attorneyimmediately. Innocent people are charged and sometimes convicted of crimes they did not commit more often than you think.

My best advice is to ALWAYS seek legal counsel before you are interviewed by the police for a criminal investigation. Remember, the officer’s job is to make an arrest for each crime that occurs in his/her jurisdiction. The law also allows police to use hearsay to charge you with a crime and circumstantial evidence to convict you.

Like it or not, you will be considered a suspect until proven otherwise and if you give incriminating statements to the police, however harmless you think they are, they can be used against you in court. You may not realize what you are about to say is incriminating.

Do not risk your future and your freedom… find the best criminal defense attorney you can – immediately! If you would like to discuss your case with no obligation, contact me right away at 757-455-9277.

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