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Are Juvenile Arrests on the Decline in TN?


New Approach to Juvenile Offenders

We recently came across an article from Chattanooga, TN, which stated that juvenile arrest have dropped 60% in the past five years. According to the article, the decline is the result of a shift in juvenile justice away from punitive, arrest-focused work and toward ways of dealing with juvenile offenders “that don’t automatically end with minors in handcuffs.

The article is a great example of what can happen when trained, experienced professionals are involved early in a juvenile issue, and look for ways to avoid an arrest. Juvenile arrests and detention have negative consequences that can last far beyond the initial issue. Depending on the circumstance a juvenile could face delays in getting a high school degree, impacts to college acceptance, or even issues with employment.

JRLaw, PLC Can Help You Find Answers

At JRLaw, PLC, our Virginia Beach juvenile defense lawyer has a significant amount of experience providing counsel in juvenile cases. If you are looking for answer, our firm would like to be a resource to you.

Information Regarding Juvenile Defenses:

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to JRLaw, PLC. We understand the significance of juvenile cases and can provide you with the answers you require.

Why Contact our Virginia Beach Juvenile Defense Lawyer

At JRLaw, PLC, we are strong advocates for early intervention in juvenile crimes and incidents. Getting experts involved, like an experienced Virginia Beach juvenile defense attorney like Jerrell R. Johnson, can have a significant impact on how a case or situation gets resolved. You can read the full article, here, and of course if you or someone you know has been involved in an incident that may involve the police, please contact JR Law immediately at 757-455-9277. We are available to discuss your case in a complimentary case evaluation, so please, take advantage of our legal experience and contact us.

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