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Do I need an Attorney for ...?


One of the most frequent questions our law office staff hears is “Do I need an attorney?”, usually followed by a possible problem. Such as “do I need an attorney for a speeding ticket?”, “Do I need an attorney for a DUI?” or “Do I need an attorney for my child’s shoplifting charge?”. While the reasons for talking to an attorney vary greatly, the short answer is, if you think you may need to talk to an attorney, you should.

What many people don’t realize is that attorneys will often answer initial questions during a free consultation (JR Law offers no obligation free consultations). So it doesn’t necessarily cost anything to ask a few questions, and find out if your case or issue will benefit from legal representation.

We know people who have been charged by the police are not criminals — good people end up in bad situations, sometimes through no fault of their own. One drink too many leads to a confrontation, or a tube of lipstick is mistakenly placed in a pocket when you are distracted by a phone call. Regardless of the situation, if you are wondering “do I need to talk with a lawyer”, the answer is yes.

Call JR Law today at (757) 455-9277 if you’ve been charged with a crime or are wondering if you need a criminal defense attorney. There is no charge for an initial consultation and even if you don’t hire our firm, chances are you will have a better understanding of your options.

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