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When Bullying Victims Fight Back


Years ago the advice victims of bullying were likely to receive included things like “punch him in the nose, then he’ll stop bothering you.” Today, taking that action could result in a child facing criminal assault charges, and school suspension or expulsion. A recent
​article in an Ohio newspaper reported on a juvenile who is facing felonious assault charges after allegedly striking a classmate with a hammer. A sheriff’s deputy indicated the boy said he had been getting teased by his classmates.

Of course fighting back with a hammer isn’t good, but we all know that bullies can bring out the worst in children who feel helpless and may go to extremes to stop the bullying.

If your child is the victim of bullying, in the classroom, online or otherwise, there are several resources that can be helpful and suggest alternatives to fighting back. Visit the National Crime Prevention Council’s website on Bullying for information, ideas and tips.

If your child does fight back, be sure you get immediate representation from a juvenile criminal defense attorney that is experienced with juveniles victims and working with the school system. Even if your child isn’t charged with a crime, they may face punishments from the school division and having a professional with experience in these matters can make a difference.

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