Out of State DUI

Out of State DUI

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A large percentage of all drunk driving arrests occur while the driver is traveling or on vacation. If you are visiting Virginia Beach and have been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you need to act fast to prevent a conviction under our state’s strict DUI laws.

Virginia DUI Law:

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia lists drinking and driving as a Class I misdemeanor, with a minimum $250 fine and a one year driver’s license suspension.
  • You can’t expect to escape these penalties when you return to your home state, because Virginia participates in the nationwide Driver License Compact, which facilitates the inter-state exchange of information on traffic offenses. This means that you will also lose your driving privilege in your home state.
  • The same is true for Virginia drivers who are convicted in another state.The department of motor vehicles will report your infraction to the Virginia DMV, and you will be subject to DWI penalties in our state.
  • You will also be forced to pay higher rates for auto insurance, and the out of state DUI will count as a prior offense in case you are arrested for a 2nd time in the future.

It is in your best interests to work with a criminal lawyer in Virginia Beach who can help you fight the charges and preserve your driver’s license.

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A drunk driving arrest will follow you home, as well as any related offense, such as reckless driving. The team at JRLaw, PLC is available to speak with you about the case after hours or on Saturdays, because we are passionate about defending the rights of our clients.

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