Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Charged With Abduction in Virginia? Know the Facts

    It is easy to hear the word “abduction” and picture a Hollywood scene of a person blindfolded and tied to a chair with lots of drama, but this word actually has a broader legal definition. If you are facing criminal charges of abduction in Virginia and are confused about what this means, you are not alone. This complex offense includes holding, moving, or keeping an individual against their will, ...
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  • Juvenile Crime News: Police Concerned with Realistic Pellet Guns

    An article from a newspaper in Minnesota recently highlights the dangers of realistic pellet and bb guns for teens and others. The article reports on several recent incidents where teens were shooting pellet guns at a variety of objects, including cars, lights and geese. The article makes a very good point about realistic-looking pellet guns and how situations can quickly escalate to a deadly ...
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