Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Safe Drinking Tips for the Holiday Season (and anytime)

    The holidays are a time of family get-togethers, office parties and celebration. We all like to have fun and enjoy the season, but it’s no fun getting arrested for DUI or other charges that can occur when the partying gets out of hand. If you choose to drink at holiday gatherings, here are a few safe drinking tips to keep you, and others, safe: Have a plan for a safe way home, either through a ...
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  • Is Shoplifting a Crime?

    Shoplifting crimes are often impulse-control issues, rather than premeditated acts of crime. Those charged with shoplifting will sometimes talk about the crime more like an illness than a conscious decision to steal. They don’t see themselves as criminals and often immediately regret the behavior, but it went too far. Shoplifting is on the rise, and all too often it becomes more noticeable during ...
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  • Do I need an Attorney for ...?

    One of the most frequent questions our law office staff hears is “Do I need an attorney?”, usually followed by a possible problem. Such as “do I need an attorney for a speeding ticket?”, “Do I need an attorney for a DUI?” or “Do I need an attorney for my child’s shoplifting charge?”. While the reasons for talking to an attorney vary greatly, the short answer is, if you think you may need to talk ...
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