Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Don't Let A Reckless Driving Ticket Ruin Your Summer Vacation

    Summer means traveling and it’s easy to let your speed drift up when you’re driving, particularly on your way to or from vacation, or even just the start of a nice weekend. If you’ve driven the roads in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and other Hampton Roads cities, chances are you’ve seen your share of people being pulled over. Even worse, maybe it’s happened to you. Many drivers in Virginia ...
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  • Teens Face Challenges Every Day Away From Your Home

    It’s a lazy summer afternoon and your teenage daughter is visiting her best friend’s house. Unknown to you, the father of your daughter’s best friend keeps a loaded gun in a drawer in the kitchen because of previous break in. They find the loaded gun in the house and your daughter accidentally shoots her friend. In an instant, a fun summer vacation becomes a tragedy with potentially life changing ...
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  • Teenage Pranks Can Have Serious Consequences

    From an Innocent Prank to Felony Charges As a former Virginia Beach police officer, I have too often seen what can happen when seemingly innocent teenage pranks turn into felony arrests. We know the summer can be boring for teens who haven’t found jobs, aren’t in summer school, or don’t have activities to keep them busy. Imagine you are the proud parent or grandparent of an honor-roll student who ...
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