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  • The Structure of Virginia Child Protective Services

    Child protective services (CPS) is an organization that handles the reports of, investigations into, and determinations of the fate of children who are in “immediate and apparent danger.” The job of defending children from dangerous scenarios is an important one, but many people know very little about the inner workings of CPS. In this blog, JRLaw hopes to shine a light on this organization in ...
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  • False Reports in Virginia CPS Cases

    When it comes to raising children, there is some truth to the old saying, “it takes a village.” However, some people get too invested in their neighbor’s business; when suspicions mount to a boiling point, some people turn to Child Protective Services (CPS) with little evidence to back up their claims. Who Can Make Reports? False reports happen all the time; in fact, a majority of reports are ...
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  • What You Need To Know About Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigations

    CPS Investigations can be intrusive, intimidating and have long-lasting effects on a family. The law allows CPS to come in your home and threaten to take your children based on a complaint of abuse. You may also face criminal charges. You have rights, protect yourself! If contacted by CPS or the police alleging abuse call 757-379-8510 to reach an experienced CPS defense attorney now. Common ...
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  • Client Reviews and Testimonials

    I’m pleased to share some great five-star reviews of our criminal defense law practice from recent clients. Thanks for the kind words and for your trust in our firm to handle your legal issues:
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