Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Juvenile Defense News: Student Charged with Taking Sword to School

    A local high school student was recently charged with taking a samurai sword to school on the bus. A situation that is all too familiar in the juvenile justice system. Teenagers often make decisions that aren’t well thought out, and when young egos get involved with pride of ownership, what started as a simple “show-and-tell” idea for friends, becomes a legal nightmare. While we’re not sure of the ...
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  • Sending Students to Police & Courts and Triple the National Rate

    The Center for Public Integrity Study A study by the Center for Public Integrity found that Virginia schools send students to the police and court system at almost triple the national rate. The report and subsequent news articles suggest that children are being pushed into the criminal justice system for actions that historically have been handled by the schools internally. The report leads with a ...
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  • Do Scared Straight Juvenile Programs Work?

    A recent article in The Register-Herald in West Virginia addresses Scared Straight programs and whether they are effective in helping prevent juvenile crime. The theory is that when juveniles are exposed to adult jails and see just how harsh prison life can be, they are less likely to be involved in criminal activity. The programs are sometimes criticized for achieving mixed results. The article ...
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