Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Guns in Schools

    Guns are fascinating to kids and regardless of your views on gun control and gun ownership, the reality is young boys and girls are curious about guns. For many teens, and even middle-schoolers, access to guns is easier than you may think, whether in your home, or someone else’s. If there is a gun in the house, chances are the kids know where it is, and how to get to it. Gun safes and trigger ...
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  • Virginia Beach Defense Attorney Jerrell Johnson Named to Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers

    Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney and JR Law founder Jerrell Johnson has been named to The National Trial Lawyers list of Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers for 2015. Membership to the exclusive group is by invitation only and Jerrell is part of a premier group of attorneys who practice criminal defense law. Selection criteria includes superior qualifications, trial results and ...
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  • Juvenile Criminal Defense News: How to Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline

    This week there’s a great article in the Harvard Political Review about the impacts of jailing juvenile offenders, and how incarceration at a young age increases the risk of future prison time. The article cites both the literal costs ($240.99 per day cost to taxpayers) and the hidden costs, such as emotional and mental duress, and behavioral problems. The article makes a strong case for earlier ...
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