Blog Posts in November, 2018

  • What Happens When Kids Are Taken by Virginia Child Protective Services?

    Virginia Child Protective Services (CPS) workers have the right to remove children from presumably dangerous home situations. CPS workers have this right under incredibly specific circumstances (circumstances we talk about in this blog ,) but in this blog, we will talk about the possible outcomes of child-removal scenarios. All removal situations will end in one of the following ways: the ...
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  • The Structure of Virginia Child Protective Services

    Child protective services (CPS) is an organization that handles the reports of, investigations into, and determinations of the fate of children who are in “immediate and apparent danger.” The job of defending children from dangerous scenarios is an important one, but many people know very little about the inner workings of CPS. In this blog, JRLaw hopes to shine a light on this organization in ...
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